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Namrata Sharma

Certified Childbirth Educator (CAPPA)


Originally from Mumbai, I am currently residing in Abu Dhabi (UAE). A Certified Childbirth Educator from Childbirth & Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA) & proud mother of 2 kids (daughter & son).

We conceived our daughter while I was working in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Nearly for 2 trimesters of my pregnancy, I was just by myself with my husband coming on and off due to his work commitments in India. This was the phase when I realized that information on pregnancy was easily accessible through books and the internet but I really needed someone in person with whom I could share my doubts and fears. Who could help me connect to my baby, educate us as new parents and help us make the right choices, assure and re-assure me that my body is designed for normal delivery and that I can do it.

This sparked the desire in me to be a Childbirth Educator to help other expecting women. With the concept of nuclear family coming in and transfers due to work sometimes it is difficult to have other family members joining in during the time of pregnancy and birth leaving the couple confused in making the right choices.

The more educated and informed an expecting woman is the less is the fear of birthing.

My aim will be to provide an emotional, physical and informational support to the expectant parents to help them have a beautiful pregnancy and post-pregnancy experience and bond with their baby well, strengthening the marriage bond.

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