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As first-time parents, we were pretty nervous and did not know what to expect and how things would go as the time came closer. We got to know of Pebblefeet then from her husband and contacted Namrata. From the beginning, we were quite impressed as she presented us with a very professional summary of her services and was flexible around our busy schedule. She’s extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter and has the ability to teach what’s relevant and important while keeping the sessions light and fun. We learned all about pregnancy care, labor, breastfeeding, newborn care, partner support, postpartum and were confident to prep and plan than to just observe here on. We were told about what to do and what not to do things, myths and facts in pregnancy, her own personal experiences as a mother, also she sent videos timely for better understanding. All this with great care and personal touch made it even more special. Even after I gave birth, she kept in touch with us if we need her help with anything( for example I sent her a picture of the baby is latching correctly and she instantly corrected me on Day 1)All the sessions with my partner helped him understand what I’m going through and how he could be of support to me when I needed him the most.

Thank you, Namrata for preparing us for a very important event in our lives!️

Niharika Janbandhu


Thank you for your warm-hearted, sensitive and professional care. You extended your professionalism and your own motherly experiences in helping me get through these initial months. Thank you for answering all my questions and giving me a perspective on things. Thank you for being so proactive in sending me videos as to how to do things right and your own experiences and ideas with me. Thank you for being so encouraging.
.... first-time mother, Michelle 
Much appreciated!

Michelle Wakeman


This is to let you know that I attended the session you conducted for breastfeeding and newborn care, and it was really quite informative and got to know a lot of things that really are helping me know when I am breastfeeding my little one. Do let me know if you conduct any more sessions pertaining to child care and I will be happy to attend. 
Thank you once again for the helpful sessions.

Reena Daniel


Namrata has been so generous in sharing her personal life story and examples that I could ape in my pregnancy. It being my first pregnancy, I needed tips and advice on how to go about certain aspects of my journey. Namrata stepped in and was very friendly and kind in solving all my doubts. There was no hesitance to ask her any question as she would explicitly help and solve all doubts in a detailed manner. She also gave us a heads up during our final stage of pregnancy on the important things to do once the baby is born. Her breastfeeding techniques were helpful which I have implemented with my baby. Namrata has deep knowledge of the entire pregnancy journey for a to-be mother, the to-do things at the hospital and post-pregnancy precautious, and advice for the mother and baby. Thank you, Namrata for all your help during my pregnancy journey and for solving so many doubts at any part of the day. You also solved many myths I had in my mind. 

Aleta Rodrigues


This has been a great platform to understand all the parameters involving childbirth. Namrata is an amazing childbirth educator who is committed to her role of educating mothers with great determination and patience. You can ask the silliest of questions and she would answer them with a smile, quoting examples of her own experience.
It was fun learning stuff from her and during her sessions, she creates an aura of positivity in the minds of pregnant mothers to go for natural birth and experience this wonderful gift given by God of being a mother unless a mother has any pre-given advice by the doctor for c-section. She explains everything with great clarity and pros and cons.
More than a childbirth educator she has been a great friend who has a listening ear whenever you need her at any hour of the day and also keeps a check on your mental health as this is one of the most triggered parts during pregnancy.
I would surely recommend her to the mothers who are shit scared of pregnancy and delivery and wants to deliver naturally. (Just like me! By the way, my labor lasted for 24 hours)
Thank you is just not enough for what she has done for me from me being a fearful person to a fearless one!!

Sneh Budhiraja


I attended the breast feeding course with Namratha of Pebble Feet.

I am a 2nd time mum and there was still so much more to know and learn. 

Namratha explained everything very well, and all my doubts were cleared. 

In addition, she also helps with any doubts or questions post the course and when the baby arrives. 

I would surely recommend Namratha to any first time mums or even 2nd or 3rd time mums to get in touch with her as there us always something to learn. 

Motherhood is tough, but it's nice to have someone who is a childbirth educator and a mum herself to really understand pregnancy, delivery and motherhood. 

Thank you Pebble Feet for your help, support and friendship. Bless you

Samantha Foseca

Pink Flowers

I attended breastfeeding class by pebblefeet and I must say it was totally worth the time.
Namrata explained everything clearly and thoroughly.. The myths and realities about breastfeeding were explained and  all the doubts cleared.
Every attendant is listened to.. the best part is limited attendants in each session. She replies promptly after the session also.

Jashan Gill


Hie. This is Jagruti and I had recently attended the Pebblefeet childbirth educator classes by Namrata and I must say it was a great experience and knowledgeable for us to go through the journey of pregnancy and parenthood. Namrata was very good at explaining all the aspects of pregnancy series like labor and its various phases and with the help of it we were pretty confident in taking decisions while at delivery time. She was even flexible with her timings for taking sessions and it was nice to know things from her and to gather information to keep us fully prepared. It was also very helpful in terms of postpartum care and new born care. As a first time mom there is always anxiety about things like childcare and other things but with the help of Namrata it was quite at ease as she was available even later on for any queries which was always very helpful. I am happy that I choose to attend the classes from her.

Thank you Namrata for making our journey a more memorable one.

Jagruti Tuljapurkar

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